About Us:

About our sunglasses:

All designer sunglasses displayed in our store feature a brand name that appear on the sunglass arms.These brand names are registered trade marks in the US and comply with US and International UV protection standards.

Aviator Sunglasses: Aviator sunglasses are known for there tear drop shape,mirror lenses and metal frame design.They were originally designed and created for military pilot's in the 1930's.Today Aviator sunglasses represent a true classic and are a favorite in the sunglass fashion industry.

Biohazard sunglasses: Biohazard sunglasses are simply awesome.They have high quality durable frames,comfortable fitting wrap around styles,with lots of of colorful choices that cannot just be found anywhere.They are far different from any other style seen.

Chopper sunglasses:Chopper sunglasses were designed with the tough guy image in mind and are popular with the motorcycle community.Chopper sunglasses are cool sunglasses that offer a snug comfortable sport wrap around fit.

DG Eyewear (DG Sunglasses):DG sunglasses also known as stunna shades,celebrity sunglasses are popular among women of all ages.They feature light weight frames and come in many different unisex styles not to be found anywhere.This brand of eyewear is a seprate brand by itself and is in no way affiliated with the top end brand D&G.

Locs:Locs sunglasses also known as hardcore shades,gangster sunglasses,maddoggers,cholo sunglasses.Locs features high quality durable frames with very dark lenses.

Oxigen sunglasses: Oxigen sunglasses have high quality frames and lenses with unique looking styles.

Xloop Sunglasses: Xloop sunglasses have gained popularity for there fuctionality in outdoor sports.They have high quality light weight sport wrap frames with polycarbonate lenses.Xloop comes in many different styles and colors.